"There are three kinds of men.
The ones that learn by reading.
The few who learn by observation.
The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves"
Will Rodgers

Welcome to my fraud alert page. On this page you will find some ideas/comments that will hopefully keep you from the above mentioned electric fence. Please have a look at the links below. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

I have come up with a new name for Ebay auctions- FAKEBAY! Shame on them for their continued support of the IDIOTS who are scamming good people out of hard earned money!

EBAY says posting any information concerning the contact information about auction participants anywhere on the World Wide Web is against their rules. So in order to protect myself I have eliminated any specific personal references to any of the fraudulent image sellers from my web pages. I think this is a good rule overall, as it keeps personal vendettas from entering the world of on line auctions. Still, we must find away to protect ourselves by somehow warning each other of current cons and those that are running them. I am open to your suggestions and will post them here. It is a sad day when we protect the rights of the scam artists over those of the innocent beginner collectors, but that is the state of EBAY at the moment, but hopefully it will change with our concerted efforts by contacting “Safe Harbor” as these fakes appear. KEEP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FAKERS DIRECTLY TO EBAY! Thanks!

PLEASE READ THIS!!! What is going on with ebay lately? The fakes are being auctioned hot and heavy! The sellers are getting smart, as they are hiding the bidders identities to keep them from being contacted and warned about the fakes they are bidding on. What does that tell you about the seller? They know it is a fake and are being protected by ebay (unintentionally I am sure, leave it to the crooks to find a new scam) by being allowed to use this feature. This is going to hurt the image collecting field dramatically by destroying the collectors faith in the images they want to purchase but won't now in case they might be bad. Hits legitimate dealers and collectors right in the wallet. Let the crooks know it is unacceptable and let ebay know as well when a bad image is being auctioned.

Here is another of the most prevalent scams on ebay that I have been noticing: The auction description states "I don't know anything about this kinda thing, so I am selling it with no returns, as is- you be the judge." The problem is that ignorance is no excuse for fraud. If you sell a fake image, and you really don't have a clue, give a refund if it proves to be a fake. That is the fair and reasonable thing to do. The "as is, you be the judge" line is for the scam artist.
Buyers: Please be careful, think before you bid. They are giving themselves a legal out by making these statements on their auction.

Give me a break- Fake CSA Identity coins (Same guy!) being auctioned at same time
Slave tags (Who are they trying to fool?)Fake Abraham Lincoln AutographPickett is charging again! This is a clever fake!
Fake CDV- take a look!This is pure EVIL my friends!Another example to review:
A modern copy-don't get suckered!This is not a period cdv!Sitting Bull Ambrotype? OUCH!!!
Help from a modern Ambrotype re-enactor artist:Very Sharp Fake CSA Hard Image:
Fake Swords-Have a look!Even More Fake CDV's-AARRGGHH!!I am getting tired of this:
Another Example to Look At- Please Learn:Authenticity up in smoke!
The best fake cdv's yet!Fake Meade Outdoor CDV-LOOK!!!!They should be ashamed- Fake Buckles- have a look!
THE NEWEST EVIL CDV ON EBAYAnother Fake Indian Tintype-this one is guaranteed by the sellerYet another fake Indian Image-Look and Learn
A very clever scam- please look here, it could save you money!!"100 Year Old Reproduction"- Give me a break!A new batch of fake images-have a look:
Now they threaten my safety!!!Many Custer related fakes:Fake id'd cdv's of Gettysburg Soldier
A Victory for the good guys!!
Fake cdv's-Look at thisWells Fargo Fake Body Tags
Invasion of the green cdv's!A Fake Buckle-please have a look"Another ebay turd"
What the hell is this?Now the idiots are selling fake civil war letters!More Fake examples:
New Batch of fakes hit the ebay market!
New batch of fake stereoviews hit fakebay!
Fake Custer Officer Cabinet CardFree Blackman Texas Railroad fake
You'll enjoy this, more fake shenanigans!
A "professional fake" -this is scary.Fellow ebayer shares his fake story- look and learn