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A Victory for the good guys!!
Wow, what an auction! Stereoviews of the famous George Custer and his dog, a view of Lincoln and McClellan at Antietam! Several other "cool" views included in the same auction, all appearing in mint condition and a low starting bid with NO reserve! To good to be true? Of course!

Many thanks to my good friend Ed Italo for wearing down an ebay seller and getting him to close down his ebay auction! Persistence pays off and I want to commend Ed for his diligence. Here is an excerpt from one of his emails to the seller:

"Do your views have two old photos pasted onto each card, or are the fronts of these views a smooth, continueous surface from colored border through photographic image? From the sheen on the surface of your views, made by the camera flash, they look even throughout. I examined my own views with a hard light reflecting off them, and noticed a clear reflection where the photos meet the mount."

Pay close attention to Ed's question- look for the line where the mounted photo meets the mount in any scans you view, if it is not evident in the ebay scan, ask the seller for a better one. If still not evident in any further scans be VERY CAREFUL!

An excerpt from another email to a friend of Ed's that sums up the scam nicely:

"The seller is evasive in his listing, says he's never seen a stereoview before, but look closely at his feedback... _ _ _ sold him a book on civil war stereoviews last month. I know the book, a few of my views are in it. I think this seller got a batch of counterfeit views that he's now trying to unload. Look at the sheen on the surface of his views from the camera flash; they're even throughout. I looked at my views with a hard light reflecting off them, and noticed a break in the reflection where the photo meets the mount. I think these are those high quality laser print copies. "

Greed is what does most of us in on ebay (you know what I mean!) so don't just blindly bid on something you think is going to be a real steal, check it out first! A good lesson here, please learn it!