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Fellow ebayer shares his fake story- look and learn
My thanks to Herb for sharing this story with us.

"I found your "Fakes" site and I like you have been stung by Ebay so many times that I now no longer even bother to bid on Civil War images. I will send you a scan of my #1 Ebay burn of about 5 years ago so that you can put it up with the others if you wish.
I bid $300 on this "100% original Civil War Tin type of unknown Confederate soldier with musket" from a dealer in Vancouver BC Canada. Well you can guess my shock when it arrived and there on the back was a penciled ID for Corp. Francis E. Brownell of Ellsworth's fire Zouaves(!) that the dealer didn't even mention in the description. (Nice trick)
Well the magic moment quickly died when I took a good strong eye loop to it and discovered to my horror the Dot matrix of an old photo taken from a book. It appears the so called 100% original Tin Type was only original as it is a "Tin type" and not the fact it came from the 1960's not the 1860's.
Well to make a long story short the dealer wouldn't reply to my e-mails or phone calls and frankly he seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. But I do have some friends up there looking for Mr. Reichlow and when they find him I'm going to make him eat this tintype fake.

Sorry to take up your time, but when it comes to Ebay fakes or FakeBay as I call it this fellow gets a tad hot under the collar. BTW a few years back a whole wonk of Civil War CDV Fakes were coming out of the Reno & Carson City & Genoa NV area that were the typical laser prints glued onto original backs, but this twit didn't even bother to get the correct period CDVs as most of the backs he used were from the late 1890s-1900 and some were even from Germany. O_O

Well I'll catch you later, and like you say "Hold your nose before opening" the attached Jpegs.

Herb Rickards Sumas WA.