A nasty piece of work!

New Batch of fakes hit the ebay market!
Represented as "authentic", and sold under a "private" auction, this modern fake has been trimmed, stained darker than usual to appear old, and photographed in a slightly distant manner to make confirmation of its newness difficult to the unskilled eye. This is a fake, no doubt about it. Look at the white edge around the border of the "image". See how the corners are lifting away. Compare it with other authentic cdv's on my site, you can see how it stands out like a sore thumb. The fakes are usually rare subjects, all are usually VALUABLE subjects (when it looks to good to be true, it usually is)! These idiots are becoming very, very sneaky. This image is thrown in with some that are probably ok, but scans are slightly blurry so I am unable to tell. This is from a seller in Florida.