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Pickett is charging again! This is a clever fake!
Look at this piece of garbage! Very obviously a modern photo mounted on a fake confederate mount, with an embossed CSA seal on it! I have never heard of the Confederate goverment endorsing images of its generals before.
I guess it's a new policy they started this year! Here is the sellers description for his auction:
"GENERAL GEORGE EDWARD PICKETT CARTE DE VISTA Up for auction is a CDV of george Pickett it shows a Confederate States Seal on it .He is in a seated position .It also has the photographers name and address which can be seen in the pictures Items I am selling came from auctions, estates, and sales of various kinds,and yes even a yard sale here and there.I did not receive a guarantee of authenticity when I purchased these items and I am not extending one in my auctions unless I so specify.Great effort has went into the taking of photos for your bebefit so you can see exactly what you are buying.If you have any questions please EMail me I respond at least daily thank you in advance."

My friend Steve M. sent him this email:
"Your George Pickett cdv is clearly a modern photograph taken from the Library of congress sight copies. It has been mounted on a period card or copy and is intended to fool the un-knowledgeable buyer. You should withdraw this as any knowledgeable buyer or seller would tell you the same thing."

Here is the response:
"Steve, Why should I withdraw it read my discription clearly I don't know anything about this stuff I just sell it. Pete"

This is another of those "private auctions" that seem to be the trademark of the fakers. My advice is to not bid when you see a "private auction". Soon this avenue of fraud protection will shut down if no one will bid on them. My thanks to Scott H. for also bringing this to my attention.