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A very clever scam- please look here, it could save you money!!
This item was recently sold on ebay as a period albumen. In fact it looked so good yours truly was one of the bidders. This is such a deliberate case of fraud I hope the proper authorities will step in and help. The image was listed as a civil war albumen, mounted on a period mount. It sold for $411.00 and the seller had over 900 feedback. The seller deliberately used photo enhancing software to make the image appear to be a genuine period albumen instead of the off color modern copy that it is. When the buyer received the image he knew it was a fake (when you see it in person it is fairly obvious, goofy off yellow color, not the warm brown tone of a period albumen) and asked the seller to refund his money. As of now (several weeks after the auction) he has not heard a word from the seller.