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A Fake Buckle-please have a look
My thanks to Charles from Florida who took time to explain a scam involving fake buckles that are making an appearance on ebay recently. The seller made a mistake when he involved Charles, who obviously is very knowledgeable in this area. He has provided great details as why it is fake and hopefully this will help you:

"Saw your site exposing fakes and thought Id send you a few examples.

I recently bought an eagle plate from someone on Ebay in New York state.

The plate had braided wire loops on the back, uneven lead back, and a nice coat of black shoe polish. I got burned but Ill pass on my experience to others.

My example was stamped (brass? copper?) and was about 63mm across. (So far the plate sounds good but the following details point towards fake)

A) The edges were unevenly trimmed and showed slight serrations left from the trimmer blade.

B) The rim was only one ring without the smaller ring just inside of the larger one.

C) The eye and mouth were not known to me as variations I've since seen listed. Large high arched eyebrow and wide open, gaping mouth.

D) The lead back was rough and uneven as if filled on an unleveled surface then touched up with a torch.

E) The loops were braided wire like and electronics ground wire or protective sheath.

F) The entire plate was covered in a waxy black substance.

G) When the wax was removed the lead color was not patina nor was the face. I'd let you have the plate to keep but after confirming my initial suspicion with the Kerksis guide I melted the lead out to see how the wire was attached. (It was soldered to the back of the face with a solder of a higher melting point than the filler lead--like 60/40 stained glass solder) I know the digital images on Ebay may not be too good (that's what worked against me) but my plate is still on there and will be for a little while longer if you can use it." (Note from Modoc- I have reproduced the auction .jpeg above)

Great detail, and I appreciate Charles taking time to help the rest of us save our hard earned money.