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Many Custer related fakes:
Here is some sound advice from the major Custer buyer on Ebay and elsewhere:

"Here are a few ways to detect laser reproductions

The quickest and easiest way to find the laser fakes is the use of a blacklight. The white photographic paper the image is reproduced on shines bright blue white through the image under blacklight. A real albumen will reflect uniformly with an almost dull tan glow.

Most laser images will break up into a dot pattern under 20x magnification or higher, when looking at light colored areas like skin.

An albumen will feel almost imperceptibly thin on a card, the laser reproductions have great thickness and can be easily felt. It the card is held horizontal in front of your face you can see the white of the photographic paper along the edges of the image.

If a corner of the image can be bent up the back will show the white of the photographic paper.

It the card surface around the edges of the image are examined under 10x magnification there will be residue clue stains somewhere on the card where the old legitimate image was removed.

The way to break the private bidder auction is to place a bid and then come back a half hour later and retract the bid - giving as the reason for retraction you found out the item is a fake. Hopefully anyone who bids will check the bid history and this will be a permanent part of the history for whole auction. Anyone stupid enough to bid after seeing the retraction deserves what they buy."