I am saddend by these emails.

UPDATE!!!: Seems Mr. Cryder is one of those who have indulged in selling the fake images to the unsuspecting collector! According to my sources (and they are good ones!) Cryder is the one who sold the fake Chamberlain cdv for $800, and when it was mentioned to him that it was a fake, he said that he was trying to unload it because he had been taken in as well! These clowns make me sick.

"Most of those items you list as fakes on your website are real. What gives? Are you disgruntled because someone outbid you on the items, or simply upset because someone owns Civil War memorabilia that you are unable to obtain for your collection? Pretty sad..... John Cryder

Just added 11/24/02 in a new email:
"Please do post it. So others will examine all of the items you're listing as fakes in more detail and discover the truth. Just because one disgruntled collector/Ebay seller takes it upon himself to discredit the authentic items others are selling in an attempt to gain the trust of others and boost his own sales doesn't make it so. Shame on you!"

You all know by now that I can be a smart ass when I attack the crooked of the world. But these emails really threw me a curve. According to these emails, I use the fraud pages to "discredit the authentic items" on ebay! He states that "selling in an attempt to gain the trust of others and boost his own sales doesn't make it so".
This is a sign of our times folks. Using "Spin" to try and make truly evil fakes into the real deal. I think he really believes what he is saying. Now that is a sad and disturbing thought. Below I am showing a few examples of what Mr. Cryder is saying is real. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with him at
I think we should NICELY let him know that there are bad things and people in the world, and maybe he should be a little less trusting so he doesn't collect a load of crap and leave it to his family, only for them to discover he wasted all their inheritance on fake material when he is gone. Here is my response to him:

"At first I thought you were one of the idiots who were trying support the fraudulent material they sell on ebay. I now see you really believe what you say, and have the courage to say so. I applaud you for this. The fraud pages are not used to make my material look better, as I have been doing this a very long time now and had a long list of customers long before ebay came into existence. I am hoping to keep people from wasting their hard earned money on what is obviously fake to the experienced collector. Your trusting ways are the reason the idiots who make this crap up survive and thrive. Please rethink your position, if you plan on leaving this "authentic" material to your family, it will be a sad day for them when they discover its worthless."