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Another Fake Indian Tintype-this one is guaranteed by the seller
A current auction of yet another fake Indian tintype on Ebay were the seller's description attemps to lure the inexperianced. Read this -

"Oglala Sioux Chief 1/9 Plate Tintype - Rare! A fascinating and rare tintype photograph (silver emulsion on lacquered iron) of plains Indian chief wearing a magnificent headdress and two peace medals. Would make for interesting research to identify who this was. Image may have been toned in gold chloride solution judging from the warm color. Measures 3.8 x 5.1cm. In nice condition with some paper fiber residue from the oval paper matte in was housed in (see scan). No date known. The tintype process was invented in 1856 and was used until the early years of last century. Vintage native American photographs are becoming increasingly scarce, but any such image on a non-paper surface (daguerreotype, ambrotype, tin) are exceedingly difficult to find. Guaranteed to be authnetic. Low starting bid with very reasonable reserve."

His auction should read "Please just hand me your hard earned money and in return I will give you a fake piece of garbage for your collection".