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Even More Fake CDV's-AARRGGHH!!
A very determined ebayer finally got this auction ended. It's getting harder to digest this crap-I am getting very angry at these clowns, how about you? Here is the description from the auction:

This is the 2nd of 2 CDV's I am consigning on eBay today. I purchased this just the other day in a rural antiques auction. It was formerly the property of a recently-deceased elderly collector of CDV's. The back side reads "Published by B. ANTHONY, 501 Broadway, N.Y. FROM Photographic Negative in BRANDY'S National Portrait Gallery" (please see my scans). This one measures 2 7/16" by 3 7/8". There is some nominal staining (mostly on the rim of the card that the picture is mounted on) and wrinkling to the photograph, but these imperfections are hardly noticeable, even from a short distance. The card that the photo is mounted on is also understandably yellowed with age. Unlike the other CDV I am consigning, which was sealed with an 1864 CSA seal, I am not certain when this CDV was produced, though I strongly suspect that it is from the Civil War era (and it certainly cost me a pretty penny at the auction!). With a starting bid of $9.95 (a fraction of my cost), this is another CDV you can't go wrong with!