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Lee and Horse Fake CDV
A very determined ebayer finally got this auction ended. It's getting harder to digest this crap-I am getting very angry at these clowns, how about you? Here is the description from the auction:

I was very excited to have been the high bidder on this CDV (carte de visite) photograph of General Lee on his horse Traveler at a recent rural antiques auction. Please bear with me, as my knowledge of CDV's is imperfect, at best. This, and one other CDV I will be consigning today, belonged to a recently-deceased elderly collector of CDV's. When I brought this one home, I noticed that this one has a round, raised-relief, 1864 Confederate States of America seal on the back, similar to those that a Notary Public would use (please see my scans). The back side of this CDV also reads "O.R. LANE, PHOTOGRAPHER, Franklin Building, ALABAMA STREET, Near Whitehall, Atlanta, GEO.". It measures 3 13/16" by 2 5/16". There are some stains and scratches from wear and age on the photograph, but the image is still clear enough where these imperfections do not seem to detract from its overall eye-appeal (in fact, they give it a rustic look that seems appropriate for its age). I only handled this photograph outside of its protective vinyl sleeve long enough to take my scans, but it was fascinating for me to touch it and think that this may have once inspired a Confederate soldier to continue onward in the final days of the Civil War, even after the capital of Richmond had fallen and moved to Atlanta. My starting bid of $9.95 is only a fraction of what I paid for this, so I don't believe you can go wrong on this!