Comments from other dealers (PLEASE READ!) :

1. "I support your anti-fraud statement and entirely agree that the selling technique of certain people is despicable. I've also sent such messages but find that they're crooks to start with and just don't give a damn. I wish ebay cared enough to do something but they seem unwilling to step in.

There's also the matter of faked tintypes and ambros of Indians, CW, etc., coming out of Maine. I wrote the buyer of an "unidentified officer" that was Chamberlain and tried to warn him off but he insisted I was a crackpot. What can you do..."

2. "I also wanted to mention that I like what your doing with your website, that is, in addition to the fine photography, pointing out to less experienced collectors the plethora of fakes and misrepresentations on eBay. Since eBay won't (or can't) police their own site, I was encouraged by your effort to drill home the sad truth."

3. "Nice job exposing the fakery rampant on ebay. Don't forget the plethora of inscribed "Confederate" belt plates and "slave tags." Somebody is doing a brisk business in these cheap and ridiculous frauds."

4. "My personal favorite line is, "if this (item) could only talk." Yes, and what it might say is,"I was made in India about three months ago." Sword sellers are notorious for this. And then there is the "Unknown type sword" for sale. Oh sure, I'm going to sell something without researching the value. How about the folks who use Lord's as their reference? Well, I must say that Dr. Lords compiled the first real look at civil war items, but even he noted (in later years) that some of the items were of questionable authenticity. That does not stop the shrewd eBayer from quoting, as I say, Lords, Chapter and Verse. Actually, these folks prey on the people who do not own copies of Dr. Lords works. Once, I did look at the page a gentleman quoted from. He was totally wrong; the page dealt with artillery and he was selling what he said was a cavalry item.

Did you also notice the M1860 Ames cav swords with no dates? Although I have only been collecting for ten years, and still have a lot to learn, I am quite apprehensive about laying down money for something marked "Ames" with no date on it. No sir, I'll wait.

And, when all else fails, call it Confederate. LOL"

5. "Thanks for the fraud alert on your website. I feel it's time we all broke our silence within the collector/dealers sectors and discussed these issues to stop the SoB's who keep ripping us off (buyers and sellers.) eBay should be forced to initiate a mandatory return policy. It would help somewhat, at least. Alabama and Middle Tn. are so thick with fakes now it's not funny. Buckles are all over the place, and now fake Charleston slave documents and popping up everywhere. These should be on eBay soon, if they're not already. The sad thing is this covers all Southern antiques, not just CW. With increased recognition and values, we're a target. Import laws have failed us, as any import should be permanently marked with the country of origin. US manufacture laws have failed as well, as any copy should be permanently marked as such. I'll quite rambling. As I scanned your site I kept getting angrier!"