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Invasion of the green cdv's!

"The photograph does have a green tint to it"

I guess they ran out of brown when they printed this modern copy of Gen. Cheatham! I am of the belief that the seller, who has an excellent ebay feedback record, is not knowledgeable enough to represent this as a modern reproduction. This is the danger I have harped upon to all those idiots who want to do the collecting world a favor by providing cheap "alternatives" to the expensive civil war image market. Once it leaves their slimy hands, it always ends up for sale by and to the unsuspecting less "street smart" dealer/collector.

Auction Descriprion:

"CDV CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE MAJ GEN CHEATHAM This auction is for a carte-de-visite (CDV) photograph of Civil War Confederate Major General B.F. Cheatham from Brady's Portrait Galleries. This photo features Major General Cheatham sitting, though visible from the waist up. The stamped mark on the back of the card reads: BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT GALLERIES (address is blurry) Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC Broadway & (blurry) St. New York This Civil War CDV is in excellent condition. The card measures about 2 1/2 x 4 1/8 inches. We encourage bidders to ask any questions about condition, etc.... prior to bidding. The images at left are scanned pictures of the Civil War General CDV that you are bidding on. The photograph does have a green tint to it."