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Now they threaten my safety!!!
Note: It is the opinion of several well known civil war and relic dealers that this "shot glass" is a modern forgery. Here are several of the reasons given to justify these opinions (these are quotes):
1. "The normal wear and patina found on a 140 year old "cup" is not there. If you look there is not even an attempt to reproduce normal aging." (see example below)
2. "The craftsmanship of a true silversmith would not appear as a crudely scratched mug. The similarities between the "shot glass" and the below shown "Texas Ranger" badge are so close that they could have been produced by the same individual. Who do these idiots think they are fooling?"
3. "The work appears to be identical to several items that made their appearence on the market at the same time a few years ago that were produced in Mexico in recent years. The Mexican's will produce whatever you want for a very reasonable price."
4. "I think the "L" on the back of the badge might have been carved by the same guy who put the writing on the glass. Seems to be the same style."
5. They provide no provenance except the word of their source, and while we are supposed to blindly believe their source, they are angry with any detractors who say the article is a modern forgery. The seller in his emails to me states that several high ranking Texas officials (including one who has seen several ghosts, according to the internet search of his name! Now there's credibility!) have verified that this is a real "shot glass" from the period. I asked him to provide statements on official letterhead and I will gladly post them here. None of my requests for provenance or letters of authenticity has been responded to.

Here is the auction satement: "I am listing in this auction James B. Likensí (commander of the confederate 35th Texas Cavalry) personal 1863 silver and gold shot glass"...

The scam artist's are now becoming down right insulting! They are assuming we are stupid enough to believe that this is a real "shot glass" belonging to a famous Texas CSA unit commander. Bold price too: $1100.00 starting bid! Seller is from Texas and has an "18" feedback. I noticed he had an authenticity claim on every auction EXCEPT this one. Wonder why?

An update: I received a personally threatening phone call from a Mr. "Sir VanFossen" about this item, and I was called a "fake and a fraud" and many very charming names by this articulate and charming Texas man. It must have taken many a year of "skoolin" for him to learn them high "falutin" words he used. He also said he was going to come visit me (or get someone else) and "take care" of me, cut me into "little pieces". Those who know me well (and my connections) will smile when they hear I have been threatened. This fowl mouthed man told me that I am "wet behind the ears" and that I am just another "stupid Yankee" and that I know nothing of the relic collecting field and that he is a very famous man and owns most of Texas, and that his word on an item is gold. I asked him to authentic the item and I will gladly update this site with it, but he refused to discuss this and was more interested in discussing my personal safety. It seems the seller of this item is a young man that has been taken in by the involved individuals. I have recorded this amazing phone call and will be passing it on to the proper authorities. The young man who is representing this material is going to be in real trouble when this shakes out.
ASK ME FOR HIS EMAIL ADDRESS. I am very angry that these idiots called my home-HOW DARE THEY THREATEN MY LIFE!