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New batch of fake stereoviews hit fakebay!
Latest batch of BS to hit the world's largest distributor of fake and reproduction materials, also know as ebay! This is being sold by "zelda007", and he has a very vague description on his auctions:

"Confederate General James Longstreet in civillian clothing taken at the Brady Studio shortly after the War. Longstreet lived until 1904, Outlasting most of his contempories of high rank. This is a more recent reproduction stereoview from the original stereoview as reproduced in The Civil War in Depth Vol. Two and is being sold as such." View will be marked accordingly on reverse."

These are a much better quality than the previous generation of fakes. DAMN!!! Send this seller as many emails as possible letting him know you don't appreciate him flooding the market with fake stereo's. Do it under "ask the seller a question". There is an impressive array of rare subjects in his fake stereoviews. I will show a few below. He has been responsible for many a fake appearing on the internet. Mark my words, these will eventually end up in a newbies collection as the "real deal".