A good example of emails I get:

You'll enjoy this, more fake shenanigans!
The joys of being me! I received an email tonight from an individual who feels wronged because I used his ebay listing and image as an example in my fake section. This was quite a while ago, but the jest of his email was that he was deceived, and did not know what he was doing. This is revised history, as I was contacted by several people on this item and it took a concerted effort by them to have it removed from ebay. I get these email all the time, as the sellers attempt to claim innocence only after they are caught. I won't show his complete email (its not worth reading), but he did make one comment I got a kick out of:

"It is very unfortunate that such sour personalities with such a lack of human understanding try to represent themselves to the public as experts in any field."

Here is my answer to him:

"You are revising history. You were forced to end this item and did not have a moral revelation. More than one ebayer contacted safe harbor to have you end this auction, you did not volunteer to do it. I will gladly remove any unauthorized "material" from my website if you produce a copyright for the it, until then it will stay on there as an example to warn unsuspecting buyers.

As your name is not listed in the description, and you have no proprietary right over your words placed on the internet unless you have copyrighted them. Send me a copyright on that exact ebay statement, and I will remove it.

As to your nativity or claimed lack of knowledge about "cdv's", it may work with most people on ebay, but ol' sourpuss (I like the sour personality comment, it was well said) has the knowledge and connections to expose frauds and fakes. You and others like you who deal with the "elderly collectors" and have the same "lack of knowledge" about what you are selling is the reason for my website.

I have seen the same excuse in the descriptions for fake items too many times. It is never used to describe authentic material. NEVER! If I save someone from falling for this scam, getting emails like this will be worth it. As to the term "clown", it applies to anyone who attempts to take money from trusting people by defrauding them. If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, don't worry about it.

His gentle reply to this email:

"You'll know the truth well when you cross over to the next life, which will happen a lot sooner for the elderly than for me. You're right - I won't worry about it. Your "shoe" is full of shit - and of course, doesn't fit. I wasn't "forced" to do anything. I end any auction early where there is even a doubt about my accuracy. Check my damned feedback, you sour old loon."

Gee, I am very hurt. I know I have some gray hair but never considered myself as old. A youthful "Middle Aged" is more appropriate! I love this stuff!