A fellow dealers comments

Here are the key points from my vantage point.

- The gentleman's ignorance may be an accurate statement (who knows), but it doesn't erase the fact that he was selling it. It is like telling a police officer you did not know the speed limit or that you did not realize how fast you were going. Either way you still get a ticket.

- What steps did he take to try to assure that he had the real McCoy? I'm guessing none.

- If he had no knowledge about the CDV and paid far more than $10 for it as he basically states in his listing, then he too was bilked. I'd think he'd be glad for others to learn from his mistake. Instead he wants you to take the image off of your website as I understand it.

- He accuses you of lacking human understanding and calls into question your expertise. These are interesting allegations I guess he means that he made a mistake and you accused him of willfully defrauding people. OK...if that is true I'll give that to him, but the evidence leads one to call into question his motives in selling a fake item. Then, he questions your expertise. Now I am really questioning his motives. You are a nationally known dealer of CDVs and any person with a basic knowledge of CDVs can see that the item in question is fake. Instead of just saying, OK, I made a mistake and you wrongly accused me he has to resort to assailing you as an expert. What is that all about?

- Those of us that make a living selling original material do not need folks like this clouding the water with fake material and assailing honest people. As far as I'm concerned he can keep his fake material and his four letter words to himself.