Hold your nose on this one!

Now the idiots are selling fake civil war letters!
Your at a civil war show, you see a group of confederate letters for sale in a binder. You have a quick look through them, the lighting isn't all that good at the show, but the letters look ok. Who fakes letters anyway. Too much trouble, right? WRONG!!!

The idiot on ebay selling these says the following in his auction description:

THIS IS A NO RESERVE AUCTION! WINNING BIDDER, PLEASE, DON'T USE THE CHECK OUT OPTION, WE WILL CONTACT YOU. This FOUR PAGE (2 front, 2 back-sides) letter is absolutely packed with interesting information! Some of these old letters are simple short notes scribbled on a scrap whereas this one is almost a story book! This is better reading than a history book or the newspaper! Although this is an authentic reproduction of the original, its still a historical document of sorts. This has been painstakenly reproduced right down to every dark crease, wrinkle, paper color and ink bleed thru the yellowed paper! THE PAPER MAY BE NEW, HOWEVER, THESE ARE REAL THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS FROM SOMEONE WHO LIVED 140 YEARS AGO! THIS LETTER WILL HELP YOU LIVE A REAL PERSON EXPERIENCES! From these old letters, we have derived information on how the North/South fought, lived, died, ate, slept, got ill/cured and more! The original was so badly damaged, we've created a restored template to legible condition because the information was so interesting. This takes place in Five Forks NC on Mar 5, 1865. The CONFEDERATE SOLDIER writing this speaks of family, friends, and the war. Sherman is mentioned in this letter and the Confederates were ashamed that he had been allowed to access their town. There is also mention of Sherman being disarmed, however, I am not sure if that is historically correct. BE ONE OF OUR MANY VERY PLEASED CUSTOMERS TO OWN ONE OF THESE AUTHENTIC THOUGHT DOCUMENTS! YOUR PURCHASE WILL HELP US TO CONTINUE FINDING/RESTORING/PRESERVING ORIGINAL HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS LIKE THIS FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS! PLEASE HELP US WITH YOUR PURCHASE & Re-live a little history! No international sales. Sales are final. Thank you for stopping!

Hard to believe they stoop to this new low, but why not? I had to look twice at this letter when I bought it off ebay as an example to show you. This letter has been scanned and printed on cheap paper made to look old. It is well done, and very convincing in person. Buy from a reputable dealer and you won't have this problem.