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Sitting Bull Ambrotype? OUCH!!!
Have a look at this thing. I just saw it on EBAY this evening. Not even close to being real my friends, trust me on this. Here is why- first if all, why would Sitting Bull look the same in the 1860's as he did in the 1880's? Next, see the crackling on the back of the image? This is a tell tale sign of a fake. I have never seen a real ambrotype have that appearance, but every fake I have seen has this identical look to it. Also notice the total lack of clarity, the goofy color and the fake aging (look closely at the mat and glass at the right of the image-notice the same discoloration? That is applied, Glass and Brass do not age the same. Looks like someone burned them both equally to simulate wear). THIS IS PURELY CRIMINAL, and I just looked at the bidders on this auction, and it is two low feedback bidders (one of them has no feedback, the other 21) running it up. Let this guy know he's not fooling anyone.