Click on image and hold your nose:

Fake Custer Officer Cabinet Card
"4" by 6 1/2" cabinet card of Lt. James Calhoun. Date of 1875 on back. E.L. Brown, Sterling Illinois on bottom of card. Black & white. Has some light scuffing. Small dent in cardboard on top left & small hole on top where evidently it was tacked up at one time. I guarantee all my cowboy and western collectibles are old and authentic. Any reproductions or fakes that I am aware of, I will definately point out. I will be listing nine more of these in the future, mostly Indian and a few Cowboy."

I emailed this seller after I saw this listed in the Indian War section. IT IS A MODERN FAKE that has been floating around the gun shows for a few years now. The price is the first indicator- $20.00 with no reserve. Also, look at the edge where the "image" joins the mount. Notice that they didn't even bother to totally cover the original image with the fake one! The original image was taken by Goff at Ft. A. Lincoln, D.T., not "E.L. Brown, Sterling Illinois"!

What is also strange is that id on the verso. A very lame attempt at applying a "period ink" identification! Very obvious to me, an experienced dealer, but very tempting to a new collector. I owned the Calhoun cabinet card owned by Thomas McDougall and I sold it 7 years ago for $4000.00! Look at that description. I will watch this one closely!