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Cdv of General Grenville Dodge (from album of the 1st Medal of Honor)
Cdv of General Frederick Steele (from 1st MOH album)
Signed cdv of General Samuel Crawford
Cdv of Major General Green Clay Smith, 4th Kentucky Cavalry
Spectacular General W. T. Sherman CDV
Iron Brigade General Rufus King cdv
Cdv of (General) William E. Strong, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry (+)
Cdv of General (Colonel) Ezra T. Sprague, 42nd WI (1st WI, 8th WI Inf)
Scarce image of Missouri General John McNeil "Butcher of Palmyra"!
Minty cdv of General John McClernand
Cdv of General Willam F. Smith
Rare image of Colonel August Kautz-(6th US Cavalry) 2nd Ohio Cavalry
Cdv & June 1862 ALS of General Edwin V. "Bullhead" Sumner
Cdv of West Virginia General Benjamin Kelly:
Signed cdv of General Alvin P. Hovey
Cdv of General Alexander Chambers
Double signed cdv of General John Dix
Unusual view of then Brig. Gen. Wesley Merritt
Very scarce 1863 view of Minnesota Indian Fighting General H. H. Sibley
Cdv of General James Bowen
A very scarce image of General William Sooy Smith
Cdv of Irish General Michael Corcoran
Cdv of General William F. Barry
Cdv of General William S. Harney
Cdv of Major General Jacob Cox & Staff
Cdv of General James Negley with unusual uniform
Cdv of General Nathaniel Banks
Signed cdv of General John Brannan
Cdv of General Burnside
Scarce image of Gen James M. Warner
CDV of General William S. Rosecrans
Superb Image of General Rosecrans holding Telescope
CDV Maj. Gen. Stoneman
Armed cdv of General Robert Cowdin
Cdv of KIA General Hiram Berry, who died leading a bayonet charge
Cdv of General Albert Lee
Grant and the Peace Commissioners CDV
Cdv of Col. Robert H. Stevenson WIA Brevet General
Cdv of murdered General William "Bull" Nelson
Cdv of "Miles O'Riley" Irish General Charles Halpine
Cdv of General Ormsby Mitchell
Large albumen of General Robert Granger & Staff
Signed Cabinet Card of General William S. Rosecrans
Outstanding image of General Charles Devens
Army of Cumberland photograph of Gen. George H. Thomas
Cdv of Gen. John Sedgwick wearing medal
Scarce Brady view Of General George Thomas
CDV- Unique Napoleonic pose of General George H. Thomas
Cdv of Gen Judson Kilpatrick
Rare pose of Minnesota General H. H. Sibley
Rare Memphis, TN backmarked General William T. Sherman cdv
Cdv of CT General Charles Whittlesey
Cdv of Mortally wounded (Antietam) General Israel Richardson