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Scarce cdv of Missouri General Oden Guitar-presented by his wife
Scarce cdv of Missouri General Oden Guitar. Pencil presentation from Oden's wife dated Sept. 18th, 1918, In fine condition with wear as shown. St. Louis photographer's b/m.

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Odon Guitar was born in 1825 in Richmond Kentucky, in 1827 the Guitar family emigrated to Boone County Missouri . Guitar was an excellent student and attended the University of Missouri, where he missed giving the commencement address due to serving with Alexander Doniphan's 1st Regiment of Missouri Mounted Volunteers during the Mexican War, Guitar's degree was the first one ever conferred in absentia by the University of Missouri.

Returning to Missouri in 1847 Guitar read for the law with his Uncle, passed the Bar and practiced law until leaving , as did many Missouri men for the California Gold Rush.

Returning in 1851 Guitar continued his law practice in Columbia and became involved in politics as a Whig, he served in the Missouri House of Representatives twice, his first term 1854-56 his second 1858-60.

Despite being a slaveholder Guitar was a staunch Unionist and his address at the Missouri Constitutional Convention stirred George Caleb Bingham to remark "Guitar is the truest man you have among you, all honor to him."

In 1862 Governor Gamble commissioned Guitar a Colonel and authorized him to raise the 9th Missouri State Militia Cavalry for service in central Missouri. Guitar and the 9th MSM were engaged against the Confederate forces and recruiting parties operating in Northeast and Central Missouri.

In July of 1862 Guitar engaged Porter and Poindexter at Moore's Mill in Callaway County, in the heated fight Guitar could be heard by both sides, extolling his men and urging them "Bring on them cannon!" his leadership was instrumental in defeating the Confederate forces and throwing them into retreat. Due to illness Guitar was not able to participate in Porters final defeat at Kirksville, but he turned his attentions to the pursuit of Poindexter defeating the southern forces at the Battle of Compton' Ferry .

Brevetted Brigader General for his services by General Schofield , Guitar was also nominated for Brigader General of Volunteers by Lincoln, the nomination however was declined by the Senate.

Guitar eventually commanded the Northern District of Missouri after being appointed Brigader General of Militia in 1863, however Guitar became a target of the Radical Republican elements inside the State for his even handed approach. He was relieved of Command in his district in March of 1864 and assigned to command in Rolla, in August of 1864 Guitar resigned his commission and returned to the practice of the law.