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Slave Tag made by same person?
For this auction he writes: "This old tag is made of copper or brass, I'm not sure which.The tag is very dark in places but is very readable.The front of the tag reads"CAPE COAST CASTLE TRADING POST AND SLAVE PENS." The reverse side reads"SERRA LEONE AFRICA 1712 and has the numbe 27 stamped in the middle.I do not have any specific history on this tag and am posting as modern so please evaluate and bid accordingly.If anyone has any questions, I will be happy to answer by e-mail.Thank you for looking at my auction."
Notice the word "old" to describe the tag in the first line, with the word "modern" tucked well down the description. Seems the same engraver had some spare time on his hands and created the 29th CT buckle shown on the preceding page as well. I should thank this guy for providing a great lesson in frauds for my website.