This is a modern reproduction of a Civil War CDV.

Look at this!
Here is the description for this image's auction: "This is the last CDV I have. It is of the most fearless General, besides Sherman, of the Civil War, Ulysess S. Grant. I do not have any sort of knowledge of this item. I cannot authenticate it. What I can tell you is this. It is 2.5X4. On the back, it says Brady's National Photographic Portrait Galleries, and more, but I can only make out the words New York and Washington D.C. Please use your judgement on this item because I do not have any sort of idea of about what it is, and I am very sorry about that. I have scanned the front and back. I just recently found out what CDV meant." PURE B. S.! Not a valid excuse for removing good money from the collector's pocket. This modern copy image brought $67.75 on ebay. OUCH!!!