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I told you so!
About a month ago on ebay I saw an auction of reproduction cdv's (they were being sold as repro's, please see link below) on ebay and predicted that we would soon be seeing them appear in auctions as authentic images. Damned if I wasn't right again. I HATE BEING RIGHT! Modern copies being sold as modern copies are fine, but the people who produce them are very naive when they think these fake cdv's will just stay in the reenacting market.

Here is the auction description. This guy knows its a fake and is trying to deceive potential bidders with his words.

"This is an antique CDV photo. An antique appraiser stated that the image is General Custer. I do not know if it is a copy or what the date is. I cannot authenticate if this is an Original Custer CDV. Either way, it is rare and collectable. It measures 2 1/2 x 4 and the reverse side reads, " W. Ward, Photographer, West Alexandria, Ohio". I know nothing else."