Important Warning about a new Ebay Scam!

Seems the scam artists are always improving their scams. I was sent the following email from a friend. Please read and learn:

"I received a BOGUS email this morning with the subject heading:
TKO NOTICE: eBay Registration Suspension - Misrepresentation of Identity

It tells you your account is temporarily suspended for misrepresentation of identitiy. They include a cgi form requesting you fill in ALL your personal information including Social Security and Credit Card numbers. I contacted Ebay immediately and was told this is an attempt to steal my identity. Their euphemism for this is a "spoof" ..... try major fraud!
The email looks very offficial including Ebay logo and a return address that at first glance looks like the aw-confirm address we receive at the end of auction notifying us of either winning or selling our auction item.
BE CAREFUL. I notified Ebay about this and received a prompt reply that they are investigating."