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Superb 1866 Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna signed $500 Bond
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Bond Signed "A. L. Sta. Anna". One partially printed page, 18.5" x 13.5", New York, June 28, 1866.
This ornately engraved $500 mortgage bond, "No. 1290", was issued while Santa Anna was living in exile and scheming to depose Emperor Maximilian.
A stamp on the verso says that interest is paid at "7 per cent. per annum." Green notary public seal at the right edge, orange seal of Santa Anna after his signature.

Nearly broke, Santa Anna, the former Mexican general, president, and dictator issued these bonds on his properties to raise capital. Engraved on the bond are three of his properties as well as his portrait. Allowed to finally return to Mexico following the death of Benito Juárez in 1874, he was ignored by the Mexican government and died two years later in poverty and heartbroken.
Wear as shown in the photograph.

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