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Superb 1870 Indian Document Umatilla, Oregon-Military Agent
Superb 1870 Indian Agency document from Umatilla, Oregon. Lt. William H. Boyle, the Indian Agent, pays "Jim" who is an Indian, and civilians for their services as laborers in August of 1870. Notice Indian Jim was the lowest paid of the group.
Boyle would soon participate in the Modoc War, barely surviving a trap set by the Indians which would kill a fellow officer. In fine condition as shown in the photograph.

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"When the Modoc returned, Sherwood and Lieutenant W. Boyle walked out unarmed to tell the Modoc that the other officers would not speak with them. The Modoc turned, walked a short distance, picked up the rifles they had hidden, and, spinning, opened fire on the two lieutenants. Sherwood would soon be dead from his wounds. Boyle was wounded but survived. The Indians escaped..."