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Rare Scalplock of Little Crow stereoview from 1862 Sioux, Minnesota Uprising
Rare Scalplock of Chief Little Crow stereoview from the 1862 Sioux, Minnesota Uprising.
Little Crow, the Mdewakanton Sioux chief, was the recognized leader of the Minnesota massacre of 1862. Following the massacre, Little Crow and some of his followers fled westward. Returning to Minnesota on a horse stealing expedition, he was shot and killed by Chauncey Lamson, a settler, on July 3, 1863. Lamson took Little Crow's scalp to collect a bounty. The Minnesota Historical Society later displayed his skeleton and scalp, eventually returning them to the Sioux for proper burial. Here his scalp is displayed, stretched, along with eagle feathers on a wooden frame.
Written in pencil on the verso is "August 1880 trip to St. Croix Falls White Bear Lake". Wear as shown in the photographs.

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