Purchase update, please read:

Note: This does not apply to those I have layaway agreements with.

I have sadly had a few people lately who want me to "hold" an item for a couple of weeks or more until they can send payment, and then they fail to send the payment as agreed.
When I hold something, that removes the chance for someone else to buy it. When you fail to send payment as agreed, it may not be a big deal to you, but I have my money tied up in the item I am holding for you. I do not get this material for free, so I really am starting to get pissed off at those who pull this stunt.

So, from this point forward I will hold things for a week awaiting payment. If no payment has arrived the item will be put back up for sale and I will ban you from purchasing anything else from this site. No exceptions.
All it takes is one or two people to ruin it for everyone else, but at one point in time I had over $1200 cost "on hold" and then had them not bother to send the money or even let me know it wasn't going to work out.

I am appreciative of those of you who stick to your word and follow through, but to those who can't or won't - I have had enough.