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Capt. R. H. Montgomery, Commander of the "Montgomery's Grays", 5th Cavalry Officer
One page ALS for 1st Lt. Robert H. Montgomery, 5th U.S. Cavalry. Dated August 17th 1865 and written from "Camp Emory, Cumberland Md." Written to Major James Nicholls, pay master in Washington DC. Montgomery is writing about a private from company M's pay, and asks Nicholls to handle it. Signed boldly with rank. Very fine condition. Margins are all intact, my scanner keeps wanting to remove them from each scan lately. Montgomery had an excellent military career, earning a three brevet promotions, two for the war and one for "gal ser in action against Inds at Muchos Canyons Ariz 25 Sept 1872 and in a scout made by him through Tonto Basin Ariz dur the months of Nov and Dec 1874".

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