UPDATED! Policy for email apprasials & opinions

NEW POLICY--If you want my opinion on an item as to its value or authenticity (based on the scan you send), the new fee is $5.00 for that service.
This is not for a certified appraisal (that is available, but at a higher cost, and I must have the item in my possession), but for my opinion as to value or authenticity based upon the scan you send me.
I will also look at an ebay auction and give my opinion for the same fee of $5.00. I hate to do this but I have been swamped by emails and I just don't have the time anymore to do it for free.

If you wish me to have a look at something, use paypal address of perryfrohne@aol.com to send the $5.00 and I will give you my opinion on the item in question. Thanks!