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Photo of famous Frontiersman "Boney" Earnest
Original 1927 photograph of Indian Scout & Plainsman "Boney Earnest" of Old West fame!

Image measures 4 3/4" x 5 1/4", with wear as shown in the scan. Written in old ink on the back is "Boney Earnest, old time scout and Trapper- Friend and associate of Dr. Carver's. Picture taken June 14- 1927 at Norfolk, Nebr.."

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Information from the net:

"Boney Earnest was a well known scout in Carbon County at the turn of the Century. He had served as an army scout along with Tom Sun under Anson Mills in the Powder River campaign of 1876..."

"..During the Civil War, Sun was too young for combat, but worked with an army construction crew in Oklahoma. Tom then headed back to the mountains of northern Colorado and southern Wyoming to test his trapping skills. He was asked to scout for the troops at Fort Fred Steele along with Boney Earnest. In the Yellowstone country the two scouts discovered a hunting party had been attacked, the men were dead and the women captured. Sneaking toward the indian encampment Sun and Earnest stampeded the horses as a diversion and rescued the captives. Sun and Earnest mentored an upstart frontiersman showing him the ways on life on the frontier. The student was William F. Cody. Buffalo Bill later gave Tom Sun a rifle from his Wild West show."