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Patriotic Cover "Poor deluded Miss-Souri takes a Secession bath, and finds it much hotter than she expected!"1861 Colonel E. E. Ellsworth "Assassinated" Patriotic Cover"N.Y.S. Volunteer Militia" Patriotic Cover
Patriotic Cover "Design for a new coin of the C.S.A."Superb Eagle Patriotic CoverSuperb CSA Jefferson Davis Patriotic Cover with signature!
1861 Patriotic Cover "Sumter First-Peace Afterwards"Beautiful "Beware of Traitors! Patriotic Cover"No 1 Secesh Chain Jefferson Davis" Patriotic Cover
"No 13 Secesh Chain Gen. Edw. Price" Patriotic CoverCover- "No 30 Secesh Chain Comm. Hollins"Cover-"No 9 Secesh Chain Judah P. Benjamin, Sec. of War."
Cover-"No 7 Secesh Chain Maj. Gen. Sterling Price""No 3 Secesh Chain Gen. Rob. Toombs" Patriotic Cover"No 17 Secesh Chain Maj. Gen. G. J. Pillow" Patriotic Cover
"No 24 Secesh Chain Gen. Buckner" Patriotic Cover"No 26 Secesh Chain Maj. Gen. Simmons" Patriotic Cover"No 27 Secesh Chain Gen. John C. Breckenridge" Patriotic Cover
"No 11 Secesh Chain Brig. Gen. L. Polk" Patriotic Cover"No 15 Secesh Chain Col. John Hunt Morgan" Patriotic Cover"No 29 Secesh Chain Gen. A. P. Hill" Patriotic Cover
"No 21 Secesh Chain Gen. John B. Floyd" Patriotic Cover"No 25 Secesh Chain Lieut. Maury" Patriotic Cover"No 8 Secesh Chain Gen. John B. Magruder" Patriotic Cover
"No 10 Secesh Chain Maj. Gen. Gus Smith" Patriotic Cover"No 28 Secesh Chain Gen. M. L. Bonham" Patriotic Cover"No 18 Secesh Chain Gen. Benj. Huger" Patriotic Cover
"No 2 Secesh Chain Alexander H. Stephens" Patriotic CoverPatriotic Cover Henry Wise
Stephen Douglas Political Patriotic CoverRare Drummer Boy Regimental CoverStereoview. "Pawnee Indians and Interpreter, 'Lily" of the West'
Winfield Scott roping the "Cur" dog Jeff Davis Patriotic Cover"President Jeff, His Pipe will soon be out" Patriotic Cover"Don't see it" Patriotic Cover
"Scott's Tactics" Patriotic CoverPatriotic Cover featuring General MilroySlavery/Black Related Patriotic Cover
Slavery/Black Related Patriotic CoverPatriotic Cover "Jeff Davis's adieu to his foes"Black Related Patriotic Cover "A King for the South"
Patriotic Cover "The War for the Union"Slavery/Black Related Patriotic Cover