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20th/81st Ohio letter on Missouri State Militia Headquarters Imprinted Cover & Letterhead
20th/81st Ohio letter on Missouri State Militia Headquarters imprinted cover & letterhead.
Dated March 13th, 1862 written on board the Steamer "Meteor" while awaiting departure from St. Louis to "West Tennessee".
Signed "John", the cover is addressed to "Dr. Hunt" in Springdale, Ohio. Research on the writer was easy using this information. Hunt would go on to serve in the 81st Ohio Infantry as well.
In fine condition, with wear as shown in the scan. Rare Missouri Militia stationary with postally used cover.

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John R. Hunt, Jr

Residence was not listed; 19 years old.

Enlisted on 4/18/1861 as a Private.

On 4/27/1861 he mustered into "B" Co. OH 20th Infantry He was Mustered Out on 8/18/1861 at Columbus, OH

Promotions: * Sergt Major 5/25/1861

Intra Regimental Company Transfers: * 5/25/1861 from company B to Field & Staff

"After a winter in the field in northern Missouri the 81st Ohio was ordered to join General--the capture of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson had brought Union control of the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers. At St. Louis the 81st, freshly armed with short Enfields, embarked on the big steamer Meteor. Three days later they were steaming up the Tennessee.
The Meteor was loaded to the rails. On the main deck horses and mules stamped and lugged amid a jumble of wagons, artillery pieces, tiers of supplies and ammunition. The regiment bivouacked on the upper deck. For eight days they subsisted on hard tack and river water; then they broke into some sutler's stores of crackers, cheese and bologna. Above them in cabins on the texas deck was Governor Richard Yates of Illinois with a party of officers. Dick Yates had been a Miami student thirty years before, but he did not recognize the Oxford boys of the 81st.
At midnight on March 16th the Meteor churned into Pittsburgh Landing and tied up to a leaning sycamore. By daybreak the restless men had their baggage off and were huddled around campfire in the dripping woods.