Victim of Custer's wrath- Lt. Charles Rea, 7th US Cavalry

Victim of Custer's wrath- Lt. Charles Rea, 7th US Cavalry
1869 West Point albumen of Charles H. Rea, a.k.a. Lt. Charles Rea, 7th US Cavalry. Rea had a short but intense career with the 7th Cavalry

"Apparently in July 1870, a 2nd Lt. Charles H. Rea had moved to Fort Hays where Benteen was stationed from Fort Leavenworth where Custer was stationed. According to Benteen, Rea related a story to him about Custer. The book then reads as follows:- "Rea had become smitten with a certain lady of easy virtue and had 'paid her assiduous court - on C.O.D. order. One day, while riding with her outside Leavenworth, Rea was startled by a group of officers and some women, one of whom Rea named for Benteen. This woman was known to be another lady of easy virtue, though Rea was unaware of it at that time. Rea fled at their approach, leaving his prostitute behind. But he lost his forage cap in getting away and Custer (who was in the approaching group) found the cap and 'persisted in demanding the resignation' of Rea. Benteen concluded from this story and others he had heard that Custer was 'criminally connected' with the second prostitute and 'criminally initimate with a married woman' at Fort Leavenworth."

So Rea discovered Custer's indiscretions and Custer made him resign? Amazing Custer got away with it. Sadly Rea did resign and Benny Hodgson soon replaced him. That didn't work out real well for Hodgson.

Mount and albumen measure 13" x 10" and is in fine condition. Great for any seventh Cavalry collector. Rare stuff for sure.

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