Lay-a-way Policy (Important changes)

I have tried very hard to accommodate those of you who would like to make payments on items purchased from this site. Sadly, a few of those who have had me "hold" items have failed to make payments as agreed, and I have had to place the material back in the sale sections. Those individuals have lost their deposits as well. I have lost sales due to material being unavailable because of it being placed on hold, and will no longer tolerate dead beats.

New Change:
Those who have large lay-a-way balances who make small payments but still bid on ebay can expect some changes as well. I will no longer hold any material for you while you spend elsewhere. I wish I didn't have to do this but it is starting to affect my business. Don't ask to pay small amounts then outbid me on ebay! I'm nice, not stupid.

The lay-a-way policy has been posted for several years in the ordering info section. I have been easy going in enforcing it, but it will be brutally enforced from now on.