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Iron Brigade General Rufus King cdv
Iron Brigade General Rufus King cdv. In fine condition, Anthony photographer's b/m.

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Civil War Union Brigadier General. He was the grandson of Rufus King, delegate to the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Congress. Grandson King graduated near the top of his class at West point and was appointed an officer to the Engineer Corps in 1833. In 1861, he was appointed by President Lincoln as Minister to the Papal States of Italy, but when the Civil War broke out, he took a leave of absence to serve his country. He was appointed a Brigadier General of the Wisconsin militia on April 15, 1861 and given authorization to raise a Wisconsin Regiment. He succeeded in organizing what was known as the Wisconsin Iron Brigade but never commanded his unit in combat. In December, 1862, he was appointed as a justice on the Union Army Court Martial Board and resigned his commission in in October 1863 and resumed his Italy Ministerial post.