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Outstanding identified Civil War Regimental Association Badge
Identified 35th Massachusetts Infantry regimental association badge. This spectacular enameled gold-filled badge measures 1 5/8" tall x 1 5/16" wide, with beautiful heavy blued enamel set into its high relief & finely detailed design.
Originally sold by Bedford Hayes of Gunsight Antiques in February 2003. Included with the badge is the original invoice with the description showing the badge belonged to Sgt Alfred Ellis of Company I.
Ellis was wounded twice, at Antietam and Poplar Springs Church. Along with the invoice is the original certificate of authenticity signed by Hayes, listing all pertinent facts and a color photo of the badge.

Truly a beautiful addition to any collection. What is remarkable is the badge is priced only slightly higher than the 2003 price, due to the fact I was able to buy it at a fair price. This is being passed on to you as well. Originally sold for $475.00.

$550.00 plus shipping