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Famous signed early war officer cdv
Great signed cdv of Prince Louis-Philippe Albert of Orléans, Count of Paris ( 24 August 1838, Paris – 8 September 1894).
He was the grandson of Louis Philippe I, King of the French. He became the Prince Royal, heir-apparent to the throne, when his father, Prince Ferdinand-Philippe, died in a carriage accident in 1842.

A historian, journalist and outspoken democrat, the Count of Paris volunteered to serve as a Union Army officer in the American Civil War along with his younger brother, the Duke of Chartres.
As Captain Philippe d'Orléans, the Count of Paris served on the staff of the commander of the Army of the Potomac under Major General George McClellan for nearly a year.
He distinguished himself during the unsuccessful Peninsular Campaign. His history of that war is considered a standard reference work.

Minor trimming to edges for album insertion, R. W. Addis, Washington, D. C. backmark.

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