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Cdv of Apache KIA Lt. J. Hansell French
Excellent cdv of then cadet J. Hansell French, who was killed in action fighting Apache Indians in 1880. Note the kepi under his arm.
Wenderoth, Philadelphia b/m. In fine condition with wear as shown in the scan.

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Lieutenant James Hansell French--James Hansell French, eldest son of Clayton and Catharine Ann (Hansell) French, was born and received his preliminary education in the city of Philadelphia. In 1869 he was appointed a cadet in the United States Military Academy, West Point, in accordance with his ardent desire and the seeming trend of his life, he being fond of outdoor pleasures and stirring adventure. He graduated with honor in 1874, and entered the cavalry service as second lieutenant in the Ninth Regiment, stationed in Texas. On account of raids of border cattle thieves the young officer soon saw very active and more or less dangerous service. He frequently pursued marauders beyond the Rio Grande, and upon one occasion broke into a secret storehouse where their arms were kept and confiscated them, defying the local Mexican authorities. For this act he was indicted but being sustained by his superior officers the matter went no further. Soon thereafter he was ordered to Fort Garland and marched his detachment over the desert plains for several weeks, enduring great hardships. Later he retired from the army, but in 1877 his commission was renewed and he soon engaged on the frontier, taking part in hazardous expeditions against warring Indians in the soutwest. It was in Arizona, in January, 1880, that Lieutenant French, serving under Major Morrow, was assigned to pursue a band of hostile Apache Indians, of which Victoria was chief, in the San Mateo mountains. This service required great courage and endurance, and resulted in the untimely ending of the young officer's life. An interesting account of the fatal engagement was addressed to his father, Clayton French, by a comrade, Lieutenant M.W. Day, Ninth Cavalry, from which we quote as follows: "It becomes my painful duty to inform you of the death of your son J. Hansell French who was killed at the head of his company in action with Victoria's band of hostile indians in the San Mateo Mts., N.M. about 25 miles from Ojo Caliente on the 17th inst.

Meade CDV
Meade CDV