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Battle of Britain "Combat Report" by Polish Squadron Officer
Incredibly rare Battle of Britain "Combat Report" by Polish Squadron Officer Bohdan Grzeszczak (please scan of his biography below) of the famous Polish Squadron No. 303.
Original signed copy of his actual battle report from September 26th, 1940! Imprinted at the top:


In fine condition with wear as shown in the scan. Measures 13" x 8" and is on olive green colored paper with posting holes. Minor corner chip.
The typed statement reads:

"One HE111 engaged 3 miles S. W. of Southampton at low altitude and heading out toward the coast trailing smoke from F/P/engine. I attacked hitting the fuselage and tailplane. E/AC veered off and dropped to within 1000 ft of the water. I was then ordered to rejoin my section, so left E/ac losing height with one engine u/s and damaged to an estimated catigory No. 3."

A superb piece for any serious collection!

$695.00 plus shipping

Information from the net on the Polish Squadron for September 26th, 1940:

"Sep 26. In full strength of twelve a/c, the 303 took part in a fight with 80+ planes German raid. This happened at 4:30 p.m. and 16,000 feet over Portsmouth. This was another big day for the unit, which claimed: S/Ldr Kellet (V6681) 1 Bf109; F/Lt Forbes (V7465) 1 He111; P/O Grzeszczak (P3120) 1 He111; F/O Paszkiewicz (V7235) 1 He111; F/O Zak (V7289) 1He111; F/O Urbanowicz (P3901) 1 He111; F/O Zumbach (V6684) 1 Bf109 + 1 He111; Sgt Frantsek (R4175) 2 He111s; Sgt Kowalski (P3089) 1 Bf109; Sgt Belc (V6673) 1 Bf109; Sgt Andruszkow (V6665) 1 He111. Three Hurricanes were damaged: two Cat2 and one Cat3, which later was written off. Before the attack, S/Ldr Kellet received R/T to abort the mission (German diversion), but although the proper call sign was used he decide to press on."