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"A man without a country" Civil War cdv
Cdv of Democratic Congressman and Copperhead leader, Clement Vallandigham, who was arrested by Major General Ambrose Burnside in 1863 for seditious talk. The book "The Man Without a Country" was based of his story. (Please see below for more details).
In fine condition with wear as shown in the scan. Anthony, NY backmark.

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Although "The Man Without a Country" is considered historical fiction, like many tales within the genre, it is based on historical events. Philip Nolan was an actual historical figure on whom the tale is loosely based. "The Nolan House" is an antebellum structure located in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, near the community of Pickneyville where Phillip Nolan once lived. There is also a Mississippi State Historical marker entitled "The Man Without a Country" at nearby Fort Adams where Nolan served in the U.S. Army under General James Wilkinson. Mention is also made of Nolan in the museum at the Historic Jefferson College State Historic site near Natchez in Adams County, where Aaron Burr and his co-conspirators were first brought to trial. In 1863 the Democratic Congressman and Copperhead leader, Clement Vallandigham was arrested by Major General Ambrose Burnside, who was in charge of the Department of the Ohio, for making seditious speeches against the war. Lincoln was faced with a dilemma due to the fact that the Congressman was doing what Burnside said he was doing, but that Burnside's actions made the Congressman a possible political martyr. Vallandigham spent a number of months in Toronto, Canada West before sneaking back into the U.S. It is believed that this incident led Hale to write the story, and late in it Vallandigham is mentioned with several contemporary Confederates in the story.