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1870 testimonial signed by most 5th US Cavalry Officers at Ft. McPherson, NT
September, 1870 testimonial signed by most 5th US Cavalry Officers at Ft. McPherson, NT, stating that they have known "Mr. Chas. E. A. Donaldson" for sometime and highly recommend him for any future job.
Boldly signed by the following officers:

Major (Major General) Eugene A. Carr,
Captain L. Walker,
1st Lt. William J. Volkmar,
Lt. William Forbush (MOH Recipient) as Adjt.,
Post Chaplain A. A. Reese,
Bvt. Lt. Colonel Edward H. Leib,
2nd Lt. P. P. Barnard,
1st Lt. E. W. Ward.

Document in fine condition as shown. This was accomplished during a time when the 5th US Cavalry were fighting Cheyenne Dog Soldiers in Kansas and Nebraska.

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Lt. Volkmar led a charge that saved both "Buffalo Bill" Cody and Frank North:
"....General Duncan reported the following, "The Indians attacked Major North, the Commander of the Pawnee Scouts, and guide William Cody who were hunting buffalo a short distance ahead of the pioneer detachment. The main column was about a mile and a half in rear of the pioneers. Lt. William J. Volkmar, 5th Cavalry, who was in command of the pioneers at once charged with them to rescue the two men whom the Indians were either trying to kill or capture. . . . The Indians retreated across and up the creek soon showing themselves in considerable force. The pioneer detachment after a charge of about five miles gained an eminence on the south side of the creek, from which a large Indian village was seen among the trees on the stream. The Pawnee scouts joining the pioneer detach- ment, another charge was made, and the Indians abandoned their village, flying in a westward direction up the creek Pursuit was continued until dark. One hostile Indian was killed and a number believed to be wounded. A great deal of camp equipage and provi- sions were captured in the village. No casualties on the side of the command." (Journal of the March, September 26, 1869, NARS, RG 98.)"