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15th New York Engineer letter-shoots himself in the foot!
15th New York Engineer letter-shoots himself in the foot!
Four page period ink letter dated November 23rd, 1864, written from Washington, D.C. by Private A. N. Brewster.
Brewster, a new recruit, manages to shoot himself in the foot while cleaning his musket! Here are the highlights:
I have had the bad luck to get a musketball shot through my foot it happened 14 of Nov. near city point I arrived here the 18 the way it happened someone put a catreg in my gun and did not put any cap on I took my gun to clean it I sat in my tent with it in my lap I thought I would crack a cap I did and cracked a hole through my foot to
Mile Hanney lay in the tent with me when it was done Ananess had the dysentery some when I left but not very bad but so that he did not work I have got rather a bad foot but I guess it is doing very well it is quite comfortable here I have a good appetite. I can eat all I can get and I can get all I can eat...Directions
A. N. Brewster
Engineer Brigade
Hospital near the navy yard. Washington D.C."
In fine condition.

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