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14th Wisconsin Infantry Battle of Corinth Officers letter

"..I had my sword scabbard hit by a ball and it probably saved me from getting hit but an inch is as good as a mile.."

Outstanding three page (legal size) officers letter from 14th Wisconsin Infantry officer Aaron M. Watson of Company "D." Great description of his companies actions during the Battle of Corinth, MS in October, 1862.
Please read the transcript below. Written in period ink, which is a tad light, and in over all very good condition with the normal wear and tear.

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“Dear Mother
I suppose that you have heard ere of the great battle at Corinth Mississippi October 3, 1862. In answering in regard to here I am getting along OK. I will try and give you a few details of the battle also the reason that I did not write before this late hour. On the afternoon of the 1st of October the 14th and 18th Wis regiments were ordered to ______ 10 Miles from camp to reinforce the 15th Michigan regiment which were camped there. We arrived there about 9 PM and had been there about 1 hour when we had to fall back about a mile and camped for the night, but did not get much rest. At daylight the morning of the 2nd we found that the rebels were trying to flank us on both sides so we had to fall back a few miles. So here we were again camped for the night I was ordered to take my company and throw them out in the advanced as pickets and at 3 AM the morning of the third I was ordered to throw them out at skirmishers which I did about that time I could hear the rebels drums beating and at daylight they attacked us. I held my position as long as I could then I fell back gradually fading most of the time till we got within 2 miles of Corinth. Where we made a stand and held the rebels in check for about five hours. When they overpowered us, and we were again obliged to fall back within the breastworks but not till I had two men killed and nine wounded in my company and 26 killed and 48 wounded, 21 taken prisoner in the 14th regiment as soon as they came up to our breastworks and we opened the siege guns on them
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they held up and it being dark. The firing on both sides ceased and we were ordered to lay down upon our arms in line of battle without any blankets to cover over us and at daylight the morning of the 4th the rebels again opened on us and after 5 or 6 hours hard fighting we succeeded in routing them with a heavy loss taking between 2 & 2000 prisoners but the loss on both sides you can see in the paper better then I can tell you for they have a better chance to know. At 2 a. m. the morning of the 5th we were ordered to start after the enemy and have just returned after a tramp of over 100 miles capturing a great many prisoners etc. as you will also see by the papers we had a hard time of it no mistake but still we were all anxious to clean them out and end the war in this section of the country for all the fighting must to be done before the full rains set in or we will have to lay by till spring. But I hope not I escaped unhurt I had my sword scabbard hit by a ball and it probably saved me from getting hit but an inch is as good as a mile I read a letter from Mr Stevens a few days ago he sent you one as well Tell him I will write to him soon perhaps tomorrow for I meant to finish up my correspondence as soon as I can for we do not know how soon we may be called out again but I say ____ very soon I have not heard from Hattie in a very long time is she still in the land of the living. I wrote to her the first of the month no reply. I also wrote to _________ and expect a reply soon how are you getting along this fall I suppose a stove with a good fire feels quite comfortable by the time we are having quite cool weather here at present but probably will
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Only last a few days. Send all enquiring friends that I am well and enjoying good health. Please give my love to Aunt ________, Mr & Mrs Whiting Hattie and all the _____ relatives. Write soon and oblige your son.
A. M. Watson

Direct to Lieut A. M. Watson Co D, 14 Reg Wis Vol Infantry Corinth Miss

A list of killed & wounded in my Co Oct 3 1862
John E. Tucker Thomas Mason
Sergt S. L. Hunstable
Corp E. B. Sherwin ____ Sherwins son
“ “ Wm. A. Strosnider
Privates L ______
“ “ L Sprain
“ “ S. Mason
“ “ Pat McGeer
“ “ Wm. B. Logan
“ “ A. Lowell
I went into the field with 27 men.

A. M. Watson Lieut Co D”

Aaron M. Watson Residence La Crosse WI; Enlisted on 10/10/1861 as a 1st Sergeant. On 10/10/1861 he mustered into "D" Co. WI 14th Infantry He was Mustered Out on 12/7/1864 Promotions: * 2nd Lieut 7/6/1862 * 1st Lieut 10/29/1862